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There has never been a better time to quit smoking

There has never been a more important time to look after your mental and physical health.

There are immediate benefits of stopping smoking to your physical health and, in the long term, your chances of developing many illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer will be significantly reduced. While quitting can feel stressful in the short term, research shows that once you’re past the withdrawal stage your mental health also improves.

If you smoke you’ve probably tried to stop before. When you try and it doesn’t work out it can feel like you’ll never succeed. But you will.

Like many things, stopping smoking takes practice. You might not get it on the first go but the attempt was never wasted. The last time you quit, you learned something about how to do it better this time.

There’s lots of support available to help you quit. Tailored advice from trained advisors in our local Wellbeing teams, GP surgeries and pharmacies is available either face-to-face or over the telephone. You are three times more likely to be a successful quitter if you have professional support from an advisor, compared to trying alone.

So, don’t give up on giving up. We are ready to support you on your quitting journey.

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Use the search bar above to find stop smoking services near you. You can contact the service to make an appointment with a trained advisor using the telephone number or email address (where supplied).  Note that services provided at GP surgeries are only available for patients registered at that practice.

The web pages below will guide you to find the support that’s right for you. When you are ready to quit you will have all the tools and support you need:

Before your appointment or if you decide to quit by yourself, the information on these pages will be helpful for you.

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