Alcohol Reduction Service

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What is the alcohol reduction service?

It’s a free and confidential service designed to support clients in reducing their level of alcohol.  Our experienced and friendly advisor will support and motivate you during one-to-one confidential sessions.  We work with coaching techniques that empower positive change.

Who is it suitable for?

This service is for anyone over 18, who is concerned about their level of drinking, and would like to explore their relationship with alcohol and ways to reduce it.

How often do the sessions take place?

We go at your pace and find what works best for you. With access to up to six sessions which vary from weekly to monthly and can be held in person, by phone or online.

What are the likely outcomes?

We have a high success rate in supporting people in achieving sustainable alcohol reduction.  With the right knowledge, awareness and support, it may be easier than you think.

What some of our clients say

‘The support has been amazing, and I’m so pleased with what I have achieved.’

‘Thank you so much, it’s been so helpful to have someone listen.’

‘The knowledge I have gained through the sessions has made a huge difference to my drinking.'


These sessions are free.

How to Get in touch

Call us on 01444 477191


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